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Well, my girlfriend heard this infomercial on the radio about a weight loss product and asked me to buy it. She told me they would give you a $100 Walmart gift card for trying the product. The product is called Final Trim and when you call the number you don't talk to a real person. An automated machine guides you through the buying steps. They send you a 30 days supply for $7.95 and in order for you to get the $100 Walmart gift card you have to buy a subscription for a program called HomePlay. The initial amount is $1.95 and after the trial period you pay the regular subscription, $29.95 monthly.

I received the 30 days supply of Final Trim and days later a letter from HomePlay confirming the subscription. The catch: there's no $100 Walmart gift card. The gift card they "give" you is worth $40.00 divided in 4 $10.00 gift cards to be used between January and December 2013. It's one $10.00 gift card released to you every three months? Are you serious?

I called the number on my invoice from Direct Alternatives (the company that sends you the Final Trim) on their 1-800-665-7651 and asked about the $100 Walmart gift card advertised and the only answer from the operator was "you need to call the company offering it, which is HomePlay". SCAMMERS!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1201845

No she's not as bad as they are she did the right thing they are doing thHE COMPANY IS DOING THE WRONG thing you must have your morals screws up! They got 7 dollars in change for giving her NOTHING.

In return they won't send it when they see the card didn't go through for the total amount ... Not to mention as far as I have read on most comments many of them go nothing for 79.00 so there!



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #905462

This is a scam however home play is the one that offers the gift card! She agreed to try this thing that gives you coupons and they give you like 30 days for 1.99. So though this is a scam that was the truth!


Didn't read reviews till after purchase. Called bank to cancel card. Thank you for reviews.

Los Angeles, California, United States #893801

Maybe next time stick to a healthy diet and exercise you fat, lazy sheep. Anyone who buys these scam pills deserves what they get, stop being dim.


I ordered the free trial. They charged my card $79.90!

I called them to complain and they said they'd fix it and to enjoy my free trial. I told them I didn't like it and to go ahead and take me out of their system so I wouldn't get any auto-shipments. Well, about a month later I got 2 more bottles in the mail and they charged my card $44.60. I called again and they were incredibly rude, said I never called before, and that by keeping the trial bottles it authorized them to charge me the $79.90.

So how is that a FREE trial? I asked to speak to a manager and got put on hold for about 15 minutes until I was disconnected. I've called several times since and can't get anyone to speak to me. Now I'm disputing the charges with my bank, and they said that they may not be able to recover my funds since I don't know the name of the person I spoke with each time!

having to change my card number so I can prevent further charges. This is such B.S.


Horrible company! Horrible people!

Horrible scam.

They threatened to ruin my credit because of wanting to cancel. HORRIBLE

Taylorville, Illinois, United States #866437

I ordered this 3 weeks ago and never recieved but have been charges I need the number to talk to someone other than a robot. My email is samigatton86@gmail.com

to sami #871133



I ordered a bottle about two months ago. And never revived order. Slightly pissed

Frierson, Louisiana, United States #852807

Just wait. After that they charge you $80 a month to renew your final trim membership and never send any more final trim.


I ordered this yesterday but after reading this I called and cancelled it and nothing had went through so I did it just in time


Thank you so much everyone for your input. I ordered this and after doing so decided to do an online search.

I called they claimed they don't see my order and I should give it a day more.

I called my credit card company and it hadn't been charged yet so I asked for a card with a new account number and they processed it. These people won't even get the shipping cost when they try to process it....

to Anonymous #910275

Ways the number? To cancle

Cape Neddick, Maine, United States #782656

Pissed Consumer allows any customer to post whatever comments they want, but makes the company pay $100 to respond to the complaints. Seems fair!


I should have read the reviews first, but it's okay because the Final Trim people are going to be upset when they figure out I used a gift card to make the purchase and only got charged the 7.95. They can't charge it again because there's no money on it!!!

to Anonymous #769587


to Anonymous Concord, North Carolina, United States #911962


to Anonymous #976954

So you are as bad as they are.

Springfield, Tennessee, United States #744113

My stepmom buys things that have promotional offers all of the time. One company charged her card when they were not authorized.

They had to change their account info to avoid further charges. The smartest thing you could ever do when attempting to order things like this is to put money on a Visa prepaid card and then order.

If they require a bank linked card, DO NOT DO IT! And people, ALWAYS do your research before purchasing from a company you heard about on a radio.

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